How It Changes the Way We Work

“When you change the way you see the world, you change the world you see.”

Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO

Microsoft HoloLens is a cutting-edge technology, providing an innovative source of apps and interactive solutions to promote knowledge, enable communication and advocate collaboration within teams.

Its new version brings AR and VR together and it opens an array of functionalities and possibilities in diverse industries ranging from architecture to engineering, health, education and defense.

HoloLens is an innovative wearable Windows 10 computer device offering a remarkable futuristic experience. It delivers the most comfortable and immersive mixed reality experience available, with industry-leading solutions that deliver value in minutes—all enhanced by the reliability, security, and scalability of cloud and AI services. 


Features and Benefits for Your Business  



Intuitive and intelligent, contains an onboard holographic computer that is cloud enabled for easy collaboration.

  • Stay Present. Lets you interact with holograms in a heads up, hands free manner while still seeing the real world – the people and things around you.                                                                 
  • Solve problems in real time. Video conference with a colleague who can provide on-site feedback with real-time annotations and directional cues. Great for large scale support organizations.  
  • Increase knowledge retention with experiential Training and Task Guidance. Lower on-the-job training costs while increasing knowledge retention and comprehension by creating engaging experiential learning modules. Great for staff training or on the-ground support.  
  • Increase confidence in decision making. Use holograms to plan a physical space. Share your vision with stakeholders and easily edit layouts in real-world scale, so you can make better decisions before you build. Great for retail planners or factory managers. 
  • Pick the solution that’s right for you. Ready-made solutions from top ISVs across Manufacturing, Architecture & Construction, Engineering, Healthcare, and Education verticals.


Business Ready 

HoloLens helps you safely interact with professional 3D content at scale and in-context to start gathering new insights right away 

  • Immerse yourself. See multiple holograms at once in your real-world environment through the wide field of view see-through display.  
  • Intuitive to use. Eliminate the learning curve. Reach out and move holograms with your hands as though they were real objects. Smart microphones and natural language speech processing ensure you’re understood in nearly any environment. 
  • Intelligence built in. HoloLens 2 runs powerful on-device AI to understand people, environments, and objects. Derive new, powerful insights such as predictive equipment maintenance models and high-quality streamed 3D assets. 
  • Ergonomic design. Wear the device with ease with a fit system designed for multi-hour use. Glasses-friendly. Flip up the visor so you can switch tasks easily. 
  • Collaborate with ease. It’s easy and secure to share holograms among HoloLens users. Stream your HoloLens 2 experience to a wireless display in seconds. 


What HoloLens Can Do:


Full holographic renderings of objects and processes make training to be far more effective. Users can interact in scenarios where they can look, respond and explore as if they were the real thing.

3D Modelling

Holographic representations of a product or any other object can be manipulated in a mix of real world and virtual environments.

Data Overlay

You can gain a clearer understanding of the project or activity at hand as you can project overlays that display important associated information.

Collaboration and Communication

Using the HoloLens, employees and colleagues  can easily collaborate and work with the same objects or in the same environment together.


Microsoft has presented the next generation of its wearable holographic solution: HoloLens 2.

Compared to its previous version, it has considerable improvements and greater convenience in its use, bringing even more exciting opportunities to your business.

HoloLens 2 supports eye and hand tracking out of the box, which opens a world of new applications and creating a truly hands-on experience with visuals that bring ideas to life and help solve problems in real time.

Boasting more processing power than the average laptop, the HoloLens essentially compresses your office into a pair of glasses that you can use anytime, anywhere.

HL2 Technical Specifications 

The headset offers an improved overall experience over its predecessor. The upgrade that will be the most welcome is the field of view – this has been increased from 35 degrees to 52. Greater comfort is offered through better balancing – the battery is situated at the back of the head now – and it’s lighter than HoloLens 1 due to a carbon fiber build. 

In addition, the hand gesture controls are now much more natural and logical – if you want to grab, scale or move something you can quite literally do just that as you would expect to, rather than having to learn specific HoloLens gestures.  

HoloLens 2 can also track your exact finger positions – you can navigate easier and do more minute tasks within the interface. In fact, the headset is designed to get used to your hands and their movements over time.  

There’s also eye-tracking software built into the headset so you can move around certain interface elements using just your eyes – this is particularly useful when reading text. 

Transforming Industries, One Headset At A Time


Smart glasses with an improved visual capabilities, guidance and assistance for operations, data exchange and informed decisions all in real time – is how we simply  define “HoloLens”.

It has become an essential asset in the productivity and growth of a business or organisation.

In education, HoloLens fosters a new system of learning for students as educators can use augmented reality to enhance teaching and enable students to understand topics comprehensively.

With tight security, the device ensures modern processes for organizations such  as police forces that need advanced technologies to complete their best work.

And, HoloLens is transforming the healthcare industry through the provision of vital content for medical procedures using 3D insights.

Today, we’re already beginning to see potential transformation as this powerful product evolves.

Finding the Best Partner You Need

There is a lot of interest in the technology, and we are happy to discuss any ideas companies might have.

 The Mobile Apps Man is an innovative company that can provide you with the best expertise for the development of Apps based on Mixed Reality.

We can help sketch out a proof of concept while also of course having a solid   demonstration of the HoloLens.

If you are a business owner that is interested, get in touch with our team and start booking for your HoloLens Demo.

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