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You’re an innovative business looking to:

  • increase efficiency
  • reduce costs by removing double-handling and duplication
  • use real-time information to improve decision making
  • solve complex business issues
  • improve communication between your staff
  • find customers or engage them with more deeply

Well-designed, “people-centric” apps and software are the answer to all of these goals.

As a mobile app development and business solutions consultancy, this is what we deliver to leading businesses like yours: the ability to transform ideas into custom applications and disruptive solutions for a rapidly-changing world.

Mobile Application Development

For Businesses Wanting to Engage More Users

For many businesses today, mobile apps aren’t an optional extra. They’re how they talk to their customers and users. Maybe you’re one of those businesses. 

And what you want from a mobile app makes up a long list. It’s got to solve a real problem for users, be easy-to-use, be reliable… it goes on and on.

To deliver that takes more than a couple of coders. It takes someone who works with you from idea to app store, with the technical know-how to build a top-shelf app, no fee “surprises” that blow out your budget, and deliver excellent ROI.

Money in the mobile

The anticipated revenue generated by mobile apps in 2020 is expected to be over $188 billion dollars.
(Source: Statista.com)

Software Development

Some apps are perfect for a mobile device. Others aren’t a great fit.

In today’s mobile-crazed world, web software that runs just as well on desktops can be overlooked. But desktops give you a huge advantage: they allow for greater complexity.

In the wrong hands, that’s a recipe for creating a bigger mess. In the right hands, you get the power to tackle bigger challenges or bring better efficiencies into your business.

That power is what we give businesses like yours. Because we’re consultants and not just developers, you get the support to identify, build and launch the software you need, whether it’s mobile or web-based.

If you’re looking to streamline your business processes or wow customers with software that just works, let’s talk today.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR)

There’s no better commercial example of Augmented Reality (or AR) than Pokémon Go. In just 3 months, users chasing computer-generated monsters around their towns generated $600 million in revenue. At its peak, the app was raking in US$16 million every day.

AR overlays computer-generated imagery over a user’s real view of the world, providing a combined “interface” that mixes the two elements. With support from giants like Apple and Google, ground-breaking AR apps are appearing in places like manufacturing, retail and even investment.

If you’ve heard of Mixed Reality (MR) lately, it might be thanks to Microsoft’s HoloLens. A cross between AR and VR, Mixed Reality allows you to interact with holograms while being able to walk and see the real world at the same time.

With a Microsoft Store already stocked with MR apps, and one of our own HoloLens projects almost complete, it’s obvious that MR is going to play a big part — along with AR and VR — in redefining our future reality.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Do you know what the first “Internet of Things” (IoT) device was? It was the humble ATM which claimed the honour in 1974, when they were first connected to a network. In 2020, Gartner expects the number of connected “things” to top 20 billion (or almost 3 “things” for every person on the planet). And while fridges, TVs and cameras are obvious devices to connect, have you thought about home locks or lighting, ovens or even coffee machines?

Almost every piece of technology has the potential to connect to the IoT, and it’s changing how we do business. From inventory management to automation and data, businesses are quickly working out how to exploit IoT to find a new edge.

Making these near-future technologies accessible today is a big part of what we do for Australian business. If you’re seeking the perfect “disruptor” for your industry, get in touch and we’ll help you find it.

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